Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Food-Lover's Guide to Seattle? Count me in!

This month, The Kitchn is doing a food guide to American cities, and first up....Seattle! Check out the Seattle post, "A Food-Lover's Guide to Seattle". I was familiar with a few of the places they discussed, and already checked out one of the ones that was new to me! I stopped by Cookies last night and my oh my! It's cookie cutter heaven! I left there with some wonderful cookie cutters for a favorite lady of mine who just had a birthday (can't spoil the surprise and tell you what they are!) plus a mini moose cookie cutter, to accompany the large one I already own (now all I need is a mini Maine and a mini lobster, and my Maine themed cookie cutter collection will have the essentials!). City Kitchens has always been my favorite place to get cookie cutters (and everything else kitchen related), and being downtown it's most convenient for me, but I've added Cookies to my mental list of great places and if I'm in the neighborhood (Ballard), you can bet I'll make a stop. If you need unique cookie cutters, a wide selection of sprinkles, adornments, etc, or a fantastic spread of lovely aprons, Cookies is where it's at!

P.S. I added my two cents in the comments section, couldn't resist!

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