Saturday, June 27, 2009

Homemade Brunch!

After one cup of coffee this morning, my brain was working, but not very quickly. And so, the following thought process occurred:

Hm. What to have for breakfast. Eggs seem like a good idea. Oh, and maybe that avocado that seems to have ripened. Hey... that sounds like the makings of a breakfast burrito! What's this next to the tortillas - the leftover corn cob from last night. It's supposed to be relatively straightforward to separate the kernels from the cob, right? So long as I have this pile of cold corn kernels, maybe I'll heat them up - oh, and a little red onion and basil might be nice. When I transferred red pepper flakes into a spice jar earlier, they looked yummy. I'll toss some of those in, I think. Well, there. Corn salsa, as defined by my leftovers!

These scrambled eggs would obviously be better with cheddar cheese stirred in, and as long as we're on the burrito theme, I better locate my salsa and sour cream. The tortilla seems to have been appropriately warmed up by the cast iron pan (a newly acquired item that is working out just fine)... the corn and eggs look good, but would benefit from yet some more cheese on top. Wow, this is a happy circumstance of homemade brunch creation... oh, and I better eat this watermelon, too.

Man oh man, I do love summertime.

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